I feel like a celebrity! 

Hum TV awards just took place. Well, let us make it more interesting. Imagine yourself deciding the winner. Ohh, forget about acting. I would rather opt for the exotic dresses that they flaunt. So the award for best dress goes to…
Nadia Hussain 

Woahhh… I can’t take my eyes off that dress… Isn’t the combination perfect? I would love to wear that at my best friend’s wedding… The thought makes me feel like a celebrity
Well, I would also like to present another similar award for the category of most well dressed female. And that goes to

Aisha Khan

She looks so slim… So it is all about light colored gowns. Which one is your favorite? 

Moving on… The cutest couple at the Hum TV awards include the following:

That is meekal zulfiqar with his wife sara and sarwat gillani with her husband fahad mirza. I love what sara is wearing… It is umar sayeed!! 

Let me know who is your favorite:) Till then let me sit back and ponder over how it feels to be a celebrity;)

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