That girl with fine hair…

By Fatima Ali

I have always been that girl with fine hair crushing over healthy voluminous hair. Being lazy to do and religiously stuck to home care routines ( the oiling and egg mask stuff) my way out has been to find  a wonder shampoo.
In the quest, I have tried numerous shampoos, of which some gave me serious hair fall, some made my hair dry while few worked just “okay”.
Since my current shampoo is in the “okay” category and not giving me the best desired results ( read best results mean overnight voluminous long silky shiny hair), I decided to yet again try a different shampoo.
I do admit that I have had this itch since I heard how good Sulphate free shampoos can be, and so today I decided to put it to rest…
I visited a close by pharmacy (Life pharmacy – UAE) to check out Sulphate free shampoo options.
It is always a bad idea to go in there with a problem and without a research. The staff showed me few options of Sulphate  free shampoos. I had 2 choices. To say that I will research  on these and get back or just buy some to experience.
I went with the latter and chose Nature’s Gate Biotin Shampoo and Natures’s Gate Fruit Blend Conditioner. I felt that now I have found the magic potion and this will be my ultimate holy grail till i got home and researched.

Okay, so the summary of the research says that it is a 3.5 on 5 product. Some people swear  by it while many got reactions.
Now that I have it, I might as well give it a shot and experience  it for myself.( what day?)
I will use just this combination  for a month and see how it goes. Definitely  wishing that  its a total yayye for me.
Stay tuned and i’ ll keep you posted on this.
In the meantime please share if you have experienced  this or any other Sulphate free shampoo that turned out to be your  magic potion!

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