And when a female plays the role…

Today I am going to introduce you to an ironic version of oppression. It is typical for someone living in the Western country to point out and shout, ‘Oh! That must be a Pakistani family!’ Immediately, a distinctive scenario hits your mind; a husband and wife along with the parents and siblings of the guy expecting the newly wed to make a scrumptious meal, clean the dishes, and quickly produce a child. This form is an example of subjugation where women are often seen as victims of misery. In a state of remorse, with the brother’s wife resisting her presence at home, and where the girl’s parents continuously preach how divorce is a taboo, the girl is seen as a figure bound to discard her needs and live up to the expectations of an alienated world. This is being practiced since ages. With variations in accordance with time, the old school is following such a norm. Ironically, it is the same female who is the mother-in-law with more power and authority. So does this define women as being the oppressed beings or is it the virtue of time?

Skimming through an online newspaper, NAB and Salon were the only words that grabbed my attention. I could not create a link between two, nobody possibly could. It was few minutes later, when I read the incident on my Facebook account. It was all about someone losing her chain at a salon and not finding it again. This mystery has a simple answer. It could have been stolen by a staff member or any other client. Moreover, the person accusing others could have possibly left it somewhere she could not recall. In the midst of recovering the valuable, a quest of punches and thrashing started that has alarmed the nation. I have been reading what people are saying on this incident. The protectors of the nation are doing this and it is right for someone to claim her lost possession, were some of the prevalent comments. Do you see the underlying truth here about the oppressor and the one being oppressed? Both are females; a figure that is constantly devalued and dominated by their male counterparts.

Woman Covering Her Face In Fear Of Domestic Violence
Condemn Violence

This tells us it is all a game of power and money. It is all about standing up and discerning between right and wrong. I cannot choose a side. When you lose an exquisite piece of your favorite jewelry, you are supposed to get angry. However, you are not supposed to let men enter a massage room. Aren’t you a lady too? It is this lust for money and power that make us forget our ethics and principles. In other words, it is like a drug, it makes you forget who you are. On the contrary, being punched, harassed and accused for theft is something for which you have a right to oppose. The bigger picture here tells us that a woman is not less than a man. She has power to do anything. It does not matter if you are being backed up by a powerful man; it is your position and approach that matters. Seeing one woman subjugate the other, and seeing the other woman not giving in to the fear of power proves that females are capable of protecting themselves and must not be mistreated by any person.

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