When life kicked in… (Part One)

Disturbed, she rolled across her bed. She was wide awake. It was going to be one of those ‘blah’ days. The monotonous routine was killing her. It had been almost 2 weeks since she had graduated and it was when life kicked in. Previously, it was all about GPAs, boys and bunking classes. Now, it was different. Life is funny because there are things that often make you oblivious to reality. It is the transitions that bring you closer to how things actually are, exposing you to what you have never dreamed on.


Her sister was married abroad and her brother was busy with work. She only had her mother to talk to and the idea of the unbridgeable generation gap kept her away from venting it all out. Friends were not somewhere to go to because half of them had already left for their studies and work abroad, and the rest were in a similar state of dilemma. There was an air of disappointment that made her dwell deeper into remorse. Everyone is bound to experience such a phase in life. It appears like a plan failed or jigsaw puzzle with obscure pieces.

She had to do something. The answer was nowhere to be found. Finding random people online was not a solution. She managed to step outside those four walls. It was all serene but the hustle and bustle over the road made her realize the race in which everyone was participating. People were in a rush and most of them were clueless about their destination. She was like them but probably a greater victim of misery.

As the car stopped outside the park, she noticed the boy trembling in red shorts. He looked tired gulping huge sips of water. He rested near the bench adjacent to her. He untangled his headphones and raising his head, he noticed her. That gaze had a mesmerizing effect on her. It resembled the eyes she had recently seen in her dreams. Unrecognizable, yet so known.

“Hey, do we know each other?” The boy in the red shorts asked.

It was not a phrase commonly heard by boys interested in being friends with random good looking girls. It was the continuous stare that had provoked a reaction.

She was confused. Speechless, she could not think of a reply. She continued to look into his eyes and suddenly ran away…

She probably found something to get rid of the monotony this time…


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