The T20 Crash

My heart shatters upon seeing my team lose. I feel that intense tearing pain that dwells inside me infuriating me further. Well, my anger would not do any favor for the team. But they were not meant to disappear from the tournament. I had hopes. I see his eyes. It is full of regret. Why can’t they see that? Why can’t they acknowledge and appreciate him and show consistent affection. He needs that. But doesn’t he already have enough of it? The captain, #ShahidAfridi is my love. I recall the days when I was crazy enough to write a ‘marry me Afridi’ banner and hold it high in public. Well I am a staunch lover. I can’t hear a word against him because I see people cheering on his fastest fifty and I see the same individuals abusing him. I can’t take it. But does he even deserve to be loved? I am still confused, is it his looks or the smashing strength that attracts me? But by seeing his recent performance, should I even give it a thought?


I support my team and with support comes hope.  I am like every other Pakistani who would pray hard for victory. I don’t abuse them. I don’t utter a single word against them but I silently weep. Expectations are bad but if we don’t expect it from our own national team, whom should we rely on? Like every other commoner, I am unaware of the intricacies of the game. I don’t know the specific weaknesses of the players, but the opponents do. I don’t know how to devise a strategy but the #Indiancaptain surely does! I see the critics commenting on every move and how to tackle the ball. I don’t understand where we lack! Is it the divide in the team or is it the lack of experience? Is there any other vested interest?

All I know is the fact that every time my team is out in the grounds, I am there to pray and cheer for them. And I will keep hoping that I live up to the day till my wounds heal…

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