My struggle between reds and maroons


I love red! When I went for my bridal makeup, the makeup artist warned me making me cautious for choosing a red lipstick. It was a difficult comment to ingest at that time, but with my changing habit of applying makeup, I can easily relate now. If it smudges round the corner of your lips, red is one of the most difficult colors to play with. Lipsticks can be messy. With a little red staining your white teeth, the idea of incessantly running your tongue over to wipe it, is bizarre.


Red is bold. You need to pick up the right red to suit your outfit and your overall look because the beautifully appeasing imagined exterior might end up in an immediate close-your-eyes look. I have been in a constant struggle of picking up the perfect red because I often end up with a maroon or a pinkish red. It might be the problem with my eyes or possibly the lightening of the shop.

YSL might chip off! I hate that. Please be extra careful! It is expensive!

After the effort of few years, I finally ended up with several reds and maroons. I love YSL. Their Red is amazing (Rouge Pur Couture 01). You can see it below. It lasts quite longer despite the several number of drinks you are going to have. The luster will remain alive. The color might fade a little, but it will definitely show up as something red applied on to your lips. In comparison, the Mac Pro longwear lip color is a two sided stick that comes with the gloss (A 83). It sticks on to your lips. It dries in seconds but it has the tendency to become flaky and hence you will need to re-apply it. Mac is not as soft as YSL and this is also seen by the application of this pinkish redish color (a41). It was a mistake to buy this pro longwear lipcreme. Color Studio red (101 predator) is something I prefer as an occasional to use as compared to YSL as there is something unique about its texture and the way it defines your look. It is a definite try!

From top: YSL (Rouge Pur Couture 01), YSL (Rouge Pur couture 204), MAC Lipcreme (a41), MAC gloss (A 83) and the vertical red in left is color studio (101)


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