Lahore Attack- 27th March, 2016

“You are in a beautiful garden with lush green trees and the scent of the flower appeases every step you take. You kick the ball high and your mother catches it. She throws it back. The ball rolls down the corner making you run behind it. As soon as you turn for a forceful throw, you don’t see her there. The scorching sun is making you sweat. Quenching those eyes, you start to look around. Mom, where are you? Mom… On the count of five you must open your eyes. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 *snap*…”

I think I was the first one to open my eyes. I wanted to rub them hard. My vision was blurred by the darkness around. As soon as the lights were switched on, there was an air of uneasiness in the classroom. Every student had his own specific reaction. With gestures of frown and anxiety, I noticed the teacher consoling my best friend. Tears rolled down her eyes as she began to wipe them off. She was shy to vent it out. It was obvious that the feeling of parting away from her mother was too intense. I could easily relate to the moment because I lost my father at the age of 15. Time surely flies. When hypnosis can result in an outburst of incidents that did not even occur, do you realize how painful it is for people who separate from their loved ones?

27th March, 2016, another great attack in the history of Pakistan. The figure was huge. A park in Lahore was blown by a suicide bomber. It is not the question of religious sects celebrating their festivals. There were hundreds of injuries. One loss of life makes the entire family suffer for ages. Is that justified? With the recent APS attack, Pakistan has been a target of such remorse events where nobody is held responsible. The government announces a compensation that might be equivalent to feed the remaining family members, but money is certainly not a replacement to the life lost. Condemning such attacks, mourning for three days and shutting the schools is not a solution to such incidents. None of these can bring back the dead. I can’t even imagine the pain of seeing my loved one drenched in blood with a dislocated body.


Life is unpredictable. Giving orders to the army and raising the height of the walls is not a plausible solution. No matter how strict the security is, nobody can stop such attacks. Even if thousands are rescued and saved from a blast, there will at least be a guard who will have to lose his life to secure others. My mind ceases to think when I look at this reality. It is the lack of education and an undermined understanding of the religion that results in such horrendous activities. The difference between those sitting at home shedding tears over the dead and the ones devising the next attack is the inherent realization of valuing human life. Is that the way we want our life to be? The solution certainly lies in enlightenment. People need to change the way they think and begin to value humans because they are living beings where neither life nor emotions can be compensated by consolation or sympathy.


Let us recognize and understand evil. Let us educate those around us and teach them the ability to discern between right and wrong. No religion allows a killing. But let us first implement this change in ourselves. Every big starts from a small step. Shoplifting for the sake of fun will definitely pave its way to bank robberies and the desire to attain this goal will force your devilish needs to take human life. To make such attacks vanish, we need to take a step today! My prayers are with the victims of the Lahore blast. Life is uncertain and anything can happen at the very next minute. Therefore, acknowledge this fact and get going.

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